United Pentecostal Church in Europe – UK

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The UPCE UK is committed to fulfilling the Great Commission by preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, the unique God, throughout the UK. We equip our ministers and congregants to faithfully serve, and work to strengthen existing ministries while expanding our reach. Through acts of spiritual guidance, social service, and philanthropy, we strive to transform lives and present a holy Church to the Lord.

Our Services

Worship with us!

Wednesday’s Prayer and Bible Study

Wednesdays are a great opportunity to pray and study the Word of God together.

Saturday’s Committees Service

All are welcome to the focused Bible teaching for groups of the population according to our committees: The Hummingbird Ladies Ministry (Women), the Joshua Men (Gentlemen), and More Than Conquerors (Youth).

Sunday School

Family Service: This is a fellowship opportunity. The School of Faith Committee prepares focused teaching for our children each Sunday.

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